In the post apocalyptic future of our world, a Utopian society called Elisium is the home of Maria Carson, a young nurse with a promising future ahead of her. In this society Maria calls home, everyone is equal, healthy, well educated, and safe from the dangers of the Old World. But unknown to Maria and the rest of the common people, there is one catch: only those with blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin are seen as worthy of living. They are the dominant traits and any other is impure and wrong. Anyone who defies this way of life is either killed or lives the life as a wanted fugitive in the Old World. This surface of this horrifying truth is revealed to Maria on the night her friend, Anna Miller, one of the Elisium’s best soldiers, comes and tells her that she has done something bad and has to flee the city. Before she leaves, however, Anna tells Maria to ‘trust no one.’ Confused, sad, and desperate for answers, Maria decides to betray everything she knows to find Anna before Elisium can find her first.

Idem is a webcomic by tumblr user MentalMeles. It was created on May 8th, 2016. As of now, no pages have been released, as its plot is still in development

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